No amount of information you can gain regarding the tenets of Stock Market investment is ever enough!

The more tips you gain, the better investment plan you can weave!

The secret lies in the art of turning your mind into a sponge – take in all that you can while making sure you gain only the best of the knowledge at your disposal.

SMS truly believes in this mantra and through each of our post we attempt to bring you closer to your dream of succeeding in the world of finance.

We offer you an exclusive page on Investment Techniques specially designed to guide you in the Indian market – our How to Invest page.

For those of you who might find this page a little tricky to understand, make sure you check out this detailed video on Understanding The Basics of Stock Market Investment by NDTV.

This video gives you a peek into the basic rules associated with Stock Market Investment in India.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the ideas discussed in the video, make sure you tune back into our How to Invest page to understand the execution of the same investment ideas.

So watch, learn and enjoy!

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