Indian Stock Market Analysis – What Investment Options Do You Have?

Last week, in the article “A Complete Overview of the Indian Stock Market”, you got to know about the different ideas associated with the Indian Stock Market, how they function and when they came into existence, let us take a stride further and discuss the investment options that exist for you. Stocks are certainly one [...]

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Gold Rush – How Has the Global Volatility in Its Price Affected India?

The volatile Gold price has been on the news for a while now. From mid-2015, the rise and fall of Gold prices have left the market watchers at the brink of their anxiety levels. This February, most domestic stocks are showing signs of volatility, right before the declaration of the annual Budget. Though the price [...]

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3 Warning Signs You Can Use to Exit Market Positions

For most of us, the two worst problems we face as traders are to be unaware about when to enter the market and not knowing when to leave. And, these two might be least talked about problems in the stock market! To have a profitable trade in the market, we require a multiple skill set [...]

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Global Crude Price on a Low – How Does India Benefit From This?

This week, global crude oil prices hit an 11-year-low. The crude prices are now trading below $35 a barrel in the international market. The escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been attributed to the steep fall in the crude oil prices. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two top oil producing nations in [...]

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Understanding Moving Average Better

Moving Average is a widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smoothen price action by improving the signals from random price fluctuations. A moving average (or MA) is a trend-following indicator because it is based on past prices. Moving Averages are the foundation of technical analysis. These functions calculate averages or variations of averages of an underlying sector. Many technical [...]

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7 Disadvantages Associated with Moving Average

  Before we begin talking about the disadvantages associated with a trading term, let’s look at how we could define it. To each one of us who have been a part of stock trading, moving average is not a new terminology. It is actively used by traders around the world and most of us swear [...]

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Misconceptions & Disadvantages Associated with Market Volatility

Volatility has gained quick popularity amongst world markets due to the curve in stock prices over the last few months. Several socio-economic factors like the uncertainty associated with the Chinese economy, the change in European monetary policy have struck fear in the hearts of investors around the world. In the Unites States as well as [...]

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14 Common Misconceptions About Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one of the oldest trading concepts and it has become far more advanced with the coming of the internet and computers. Many of the today’s advanced trading systems running on high-end computers at large trading firms are based on technical trends, which form a vital part of technical analysis. Technical analysis is [...]

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12 Reasons You Should Invest Using Technical Indicators

This article helps you see the pros associated with the use of Technical Indicators in Stock Market Trading. Most of us have heard the words and have also may be used them during our tryst with trading. The article goes deeper into the reasons as to why as an aspiring trader or an experienced one, [...]

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5 Tools Everyone in the Trading Business Must Be Using

“Rule no.1- Never lose money; Rule no.2 – Never forget rule no.1” – Warren Buffet   We enter into the world of trading with the hope of earning more than what we invest – we hope for luck to favour us and as Warren Buffet states in his quotes, to never lose our money. Is [...]