The Steve Jobs Way – iLeadership for a New Generation by Jay Elliot– An Audiobook

Who doesn't know Steve Jobs? Who doesn't aspire to be Steve Jobs? From being a college dropout to a beginner in the American technology market, Jobs went from being a wreck to a billionaire in the most outstanding possible way. SMS brings you the audio version of the pathbreaking biography, “The Steve Jobs Way – [...]

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5 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Trading Situations

  Traders build up on their profits by identifying what the possible market shortcomings could be through technical as well as fundamental analysis. This involves risk taking on the behalf of an aspiring trader at the most opportune time. It’s one of the few pursuits in which consistent losses are the natural components of a [...]

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Top 5 Celebrity Investors in India

Last week, a few friends of mine were constantly arguing about how Indian celebrities are now beginning to take over other business prospects, like Sports or Real Estate. During the course of the argument, the only factor they all agreed upon was how this brought India upfront in the global market. Don’t we also feel [...]

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10 Warren Buffet Quotes to Inspire Traders around the World

Warren Buffet is an American investment guru and philanthropist who is touted to be one of the most renowned industrialists in the world. Given his years of experience in the American market, most people believe Buffet to be an inspirational figure in the stock market. At 84, he is still world famous for his business [...]

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Self-Talk – How Often Do You Need One?

It has been scientifically proven that positive thinking or self-affirmative thoughts can take you a very long way. Re-affirming your thoughts about how your day might turn out to be can make or break your spirit for the day. When I was in college, I would be undoubtedly oversleep every day and run late for [...]

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Halo Effect

Consider the image of a halo – bright, circular and all-encompassing in its splendor. In marketing, the origin of the Halo Effect lies in the biased reaction demonstrated by customers towards certain products due to a favorable experience they might share with other products manufactured bythe same brand. For example, if customer A has been [...]

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