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Chennai Floods – A National Disaster Handled Well

In the month of November 2015, Chennai witnessed a dreadful flood during the annual cyclone season. Though the cyclone El Nino brought in the worst of effects for Chennai city, the city’s drainage system is blamed for the catastrophic situation it is facing today. During the month of November, Chennai recorded a whopping 1218.6 mm [...]

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Halo Effect

Consider the image of a halo – bright, circular and all-encompassing in its splendor. In marketing, the origin of the Halo Effect lies in the biased reaction demonstrated by customers towards certain products due to a favorable experience they might share with other products manufactured bythe same brand. For example, if customer A has been [...]

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The Greek Dilemma – All That You Must Know

Often known as the "Abode of Gods", Greece is known for its picturesque locales, its Pantheons and the turquoise blue sea. Greece is often considered to be one of the epicenters of World Tourism – with thousands from all over the world travelling every year to witness its natural splendor. Greece became the center of [...]

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Lessons from the Great Depression

Great Depression – What is it? The Great Depression can be termed as the deepest and the most long lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western Industrialized world. It was the worst ever depression of the 20th century. The actual date for the beginning of The Great Depression cannot be pinpointed as it varied from [...]

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