Muhurat Trading – A Video by Kotak Securities

Diwali 2017 is right around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate the brightest night of the year with our family and friends! Along with Diwali comes a special day in the lives of stock traders in India. A day which is dedicated to Diwali sales in trading. Mahurat Trading Mahurat Trading is the [...]

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How to Think Like a Trader – Part II

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How to Think Like a Trader – PART II

Last week, we looked at factors that can affect your success quotient as a trader. This week, we would be progressing from where we left off and look at two pivotal points which can make or break your journey as a trader. The idea is to implement these into your trading system and learn as [...]

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How to Think like a Trader – PART I

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Working With Beliefs and Truths in Trading

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Working With Beliefs And Truths In Trading

Define Your Problem Even if you ask a layman about what a market is, he or she is sure to tell you about the graph that goes up and down showing market trends. Forming a more technical definition from this vague description, the market is a series of uptrends and downtrends that together forms patterns. [...]

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TED Talk 2017 – An Interview with Elon Musk

Those entrepreneurs who are interested in engineering and physics related inventions in the market would be well-aware of who Elon Musk. More than being aware, Elon Musk has remained a revolutionary figure in the field of science and innovation for years now. For his revolutionary experiments and invention of the first electric car in the [...]

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How to Work With Probabilities in the Market

If you have been trading in the market and done some research on trading success principles, you must have heard this time and again that trading is all about thinking in terms of probabilities. Probabilities and thinking on these lines are the focus of this chapter. The fundamental question that we intend to answer here [...]

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Investment Philosophy in 3 Minutes – A Video by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is often considered the father of modern-day finance. He is an investment mogul who is known for having carved a niche for himself in this bad-bad finance world. Warren Buffett's investment strategies differentiates him from others in the business. His strategies are simple and easy to follow. If the right strategies are followed, [...]

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Why 90% of Traders Lose Money – A Video

Given the current volatile status of the market, traders around the globe are apprehensive. Volatile markets mean volatile decision making. So, where do you begin? How do you what's right? SMS brings you an interactive video which illustrates 90% of problems that cause traders to lose money in the market. This video outlines the solutions [...]

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