The Major Indian Stock Exchanges – Then and Now

As Indians, we turn to the west to enhance our knowledge on trade and finance. But, it is important to know that trading as an occupation in India can be traced back to as far as the early 17th century. History chronicles the coming in of European powers to export and import spices as the [...]

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A Secret Trading Strategy to Invest in Growth Stocks

  Are you overwhelmed by all the strategies, tips, and tools on how to invest in stock market? Do you get confused with all the different technical indicators floating around? Well, I certainly did…till I found the solution… Everyone and their cousin has a new fad about how to invest in stocks…but sifting through all this [...]

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Understanding Moving Average Better

Moving Average is a widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smoothen price action by improving the signals from random price fluctuations. A moving average (or MA) is a trend-following indicator because it is based on past prices. Moving Averages are the foundation of technical analysis. These functions calculate averages or variations of averages of an underlying sector. Many technical [...]

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10 Commandments of Trading

Trading is an art which requires a lot of training and detailed planning. In order to understand trading better, experienced traders would normally expect a novice to take time out to sketch the major technicalities associated with stock market trading. As part of this learning process, we bring to you 10 Commandments of Trading which [...]

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Guidelines On Donchian Trading – A Quick Analysis

Donchian Trading – What Do We Know? Trading has gained immense popularity in countries all over the world and this is solely because of the high success rates enjoyed by many stock traders. Trading is more than just the understanding of derivative markets but also an attempt to learn the ever-changing movements of the stocks. [...]

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