In a couple of weeks’ time, the Indian holiday season is going to be upon us.

While most of us have already looked at tickets to get out and explore places around the country or outside the country, some of us are still unsure about this.

The main reason for this doubt being the constant rise in air fares.

The constant rise and fall in air fares have coaxed most of us to turn to trains – finding no respite there either.

Air-conditioned coaches in Indian railways have gone up to match the fares in airlines these days.

Therefore, coaxing most people to turn to travel by air.

In 1978, airlines went through a phase of deregulation after which the prices for air tickets remained mostly consistent.

Today, years later air tickets can be priced between several ranges and go through a constant change in a single day.

Why is this?

Most flight carriers set the ticket cost low in the beginning to fill up seats and then quickly spike up the rates as the seats begin to fill up.

Additionally, the cost of fuel has also got a lot to do with the rising price of air tickets although fuel prices are currently at it’s lowest in years.

Frequent flyers all over the globe have almost mastered the art of finding out the best time to book the cheapest available tickets.

We are going to dig a bit more and find out what tricks you can use to book cheaper flight tickets this upcoming holiday season.

1. Delete ‘em Cookies!

We’re talking about internet cookies now. Cookies usually keep track of our browser history and this can be a problem if we go back to a website multiple times keeping an eye out for a particular flight ticket – as the website can immediately spike up the price having been aware of your previous browsing history.

How are these companies able to do that?

It’s the cookies.


2. Google Flights – Your Best Friend

Google not only helps us find websites that let us book flight tickets but the almost-new feature added onto the search engine includes an excellent tool to find cheap flight tickets online.

You can simply choose the tab marked “Flights” on Google and enter your departure/arrival points as well as the date of travel.

Immediately, it would show you a fare calendar to help you see the cheapest flights available over the month.

Google Flights also allows you to explore various destinations and to choose how much a break-journey could cost to various cities.

This is great for people who are fine with a bit of delay in reaching their destination – at a cheap price.

Other websites like www.cleartrip.com and www.goibibo.com allows you to check out a fare calendar as well.

3. Make Use of Positioning Flights


4. Credit Card Miles

There’s no dearth of banks trying to offer you an amazing credit card these days.

It becomes so difficult to choose a credit card that works out the best for you – because every bank claims theirs to be the best of the deal!

One such deal offered by a credit card is the option of accumulating ‘miles’ while swiping cards to book flight tickets.

How does this work?

Let’s say credit card X gives you the opportunity to accumulate miles.

You use this card to pay for a number of flight tickets – and every time you pay for a flight ticket, you are rewarded with a few ‘miles’.

Once you accumulate the prescribed number of ‘miles’ on the card, you can avail the facility of getting a deduction or any other form of offer on the next flight ticket.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is simple, provided you know which credit card to pick and be aware of how much to pay for keeping it!

5. Look Out for Connecting Flights

We would all love to be able to fly non-stop to our destination, but let’s face it that doesn’t happen very often.


It also tends to be quite a bit more expensive to fly nonstop. When you are looking to book a flight, don’t just search for the quickest way to get some place. It probably isn’t going to be the cheapest. Instead, look at all the different routes that you could take to get from point A to point B. [IMAGE]

For example, while trying to fly from Kolkata to Coimbatore, I always make sure I take an early flight to Chennai and then catch another flight from there to Coimbatore – as the direct flights are so much more expensive usually.

The websites which allow you to view the fare calendar can help you understand which flights are cheaper – direct or connecting.


Choosing a flight ticket which works out best for you financially is an art of Personal Finance.

Tricky, isn’t it?

Knowing the market well can mean a lot of things.

It can mean knowing where you get the cheapest clothes, the market which sells the cheapest yet best-tasting vegetables and more accommodating ways to save your hard-earned money.

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