Those entrepreneurs who are interested in engineering and physics related inventions in the market would be well-aware of who Elon Musk.

More than being aware, Elon Musk has remained a revolutionary figure in the field of science and innovation for years now.

For his revolutionary experiments and invention of the first electric car in the world – Tesla, Musk is often compared to the Marvel comic hero, “Iron Man”.

In fact, it has often been told that Musk is the inspiration behind the evolution of “Iron Man” the character.

Multi-billionaire entrepreneur and inventor, Musk is known for his philanthropic efforts as well.

His organization Musk Foundation helps out disaster struck areas by providing them with solar-powered energy.

The organization is known to have helped out several regions including tsunami struck Japan and various areas in North America battling with effects of a natural disaster.

In this interview, Elon Musk speaks about how he views the market and invention, his belief of life outside Earth and his plans to change the world.

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