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All That You Must Know About Mahurat Trading

Mahurat Trading is the auspicious stock market trading conducted for an hour on the occasion of Diwali in India. The time bracket is usually specified by the Stock Market. Mahurat Trading is a symbolic trading ritual which has been retained and observed by Indian traders for years now. Mahurat comes from the Indo-Sanskrit term which [...]

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Swing Trading – All That You Must Know

There are several approaches that traders around the world swear by but each of these approaches are analytical and it requires a great deal of understanding to grasp the logic behind their functionality. To understand which trading approach suites you the best, you must first draw up a plan of which stocks you invest or [...]

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Self-Talk – How Often Do You Need One?

It has been scientifically proven that positive thinking or self-affirmative thoughts can take you a very long way. Re-affirming your thoughts about how your day might turn out to be can make or break your spirit for the day. When I was in college, I would be undoubtedly oversleep every day and run late for [...]

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10 Interesting Facts about the Indian Stock Market

India has been the hub for trading from the early 17th century. From the first batch of European traders who arrived in Southern India by sea to the last group of Englishmen who ran the East India Company remained bedazzled by all that this mysterious land had to offer in the name of trade. From [...]

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Which Part of You Must You Enhance – Creativity or Pragmatism?

From our first day in school to the last day in college, we are told to think analytically. As we move into the professional world, we are thrusted into problems we never knew existed and as time goes by, we are forced to reconsider whether we had been making the right decisions for so long. [...]

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What is Inflation?

10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Stock Trading

At parties, in offices or at home, the word trading is often repeated multiple times as part of all conversations. Most of us who are not a part of the trading world either tune it out or curse the conversationalists who are lost in their discussions of stocks “going up” and “market crashes”. These are [...]

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5 Tools Everyone in the Trading Business Must Be Using

“Rule no.1- Never lose money; Rule no.2 – Never forget rule no.1” – Warren Buffet   We enter into the world of trading with the hope of earning more than what we invest – we hope for luck to favour us and as Warren Buffet states in his quotes, to never lose our money. Is [...]