Stock markets – Bubbles, Bulls & Bears A Video by Indian School of Business and Finance

The stock market is a place of mystery – especially for those of us who are new to its ways.

It has been a constant endeavour on the part of SMS to help you conquer the ways of the stock market.

We came across a video uploaded by Indian School of Business and Finance as part of their courses, explaining the bubbles surrounding the market – along with the tales of bears and bulls.

A bear market is usually triggered when a lot of investors lose faith in the stock market which in turn decreases the demand for stocks.

This is seen to happen when the economy enters a recession or when unemployment rates are high causing inflation to rise.

Whereas, a bull market does just the opposite.

A bull market is a welcome change.

We all look forward to a bull market – a market that charges ahead positively like a bull !

SMS brings you an interactive video which explains the complexities associated with these terminologies in the stock market!

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