2016 – A Recap

  2016 is slowly chugging to an end and we're all ready to welcome the new year with open arms! The past year has been extremely crucial in terms of Global Economy with special emphasis on India. With demonitization and the introduction of new currency notes, India is hopeful for a more secure financial future. [...]

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How Daily Self-Affirmations Can Make You A Better Trader

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What Are The Best Global Currency Pairs to Trade in the Market Today?

As a Forex trader, one of the questions that haunt you everyday is what the best currency pairs to trade in would be. Currency prices are dynamic and are often affected by external factors like socio-political events. Last year we saw how Greece as a country went under debt and the currency as a whole [...]

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How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market – A Video by NDTV

The stock market is an arena of never-ending opportunities. But, for those of us who are new to this idea, does it entail the same charisma? Probably not. It's all about timing and precision when it comes to key elements that can lead to a successful trading or investment strategy in the market. The Stock Market [...]

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Can You Be Taught Forex Trading?

An ongoing debate between forex traders for decades now is the possibility of imparting their knowledge of Forex trading techniques – through the method of teaching. Many seasoned Forex traders are under the impression that no outside help is required in learning the ways of Forex trading. At SMS, we believe a successful trader is [...]

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Warren Buffet in India

It isn't everyday that stock market veterans like Warren Buffet visit India and eagerly answers questions put forth by inexperienced traders like you and me. Warren Buffet, the Stock Market global guru, had a detailed interview with NDTV. SMS brings to you the unedited hour long version of this interview, where Buffet discusses the principles [...]

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How Well Do You Know The “Stock” in “Stock Market – The Importance of Finding and Analyzing Stocks

As a beginner in trading, most of the information you are provided through various internet sources can seem extremely confusing. Stock market has gained quick popularity over the past few years and this is mostly due to the advance in technology which has made stock market trading open to a larger crowd. As a beginner, [...]

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