Get to know about the single most valuable lesson in trading – Risk Management

You’re never successful because you pick the winning stocks – but because they define their risk.

You know what is risky in the market and what is not.

When you execute this ability to keep your risks in control, it is often termed as “risk management”.

The goal of any trader is capital preservation.

So, how do you go ahead to hold on to your capital? How do you hope to add on to your capital by limiting your risk?

These two words – Risk Management, if put in place can guarantee your success in the market.

Through the course of this video, the narrator, Mr. Murali Sajja from SMS helps you understand how risk management is the most valuable lesson in trading.

How do you include this in your trading strategy?

Why is it important?

Watch this video to understand how Risk Management works and how this features as a goal in your life as a trader.

So, watch on to embark on an interactive journey through the course of the video which offers you the best explanations to all your market problems!

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