Best investment strategies for beginners by stock market guru warren buffett’s

In SMS, we believe owning part of a successful business without having to take the pressure which comes along with day to day management of running one – is the dream job for most of us.

Stock trading makes this a reality for people like us.

By owning stocks in a given company, you can maintain your distance and watch your company grow from one level to another.

Stocks are excellent financial instruments that allow you to grow your income by doing nothing but collecting profits at the end of a financial year.

This gives you the opportunity to witness the growth of your assets while all you must to do is understand the ways in which the stock market works and patiently make pragmatic market decisions.

With patience and precision, stock market trading can provide you unhindered profit and growth.

Investing in stocks is considered to be an integral part of an investment portfolio.

The most important thing to do is to chalk out strategies which could save you time and effort in the market.

With focus and the extra time in hand, trading could be an easy task.

We bring you a list of top 3 ideas or strategies that could change your trading career forever!

Strategy 1: Understand How Helpful Daily Charts Are

Trading in Higher time frames have proven to be quite helpful to traders all around the world.

The reason being the effect of daily chart trading!

We must acknowledge the importance of daily charts providing the most viable view of the market.

What are it’s important features then?

It drowns out the market noise and stops from providing false market signals, as is the case with intraday charts.

Daily chart trading is for the patient and disciplined trader in you.

It is less time consuming and absolutely not confusing.

Pick your schedule! Daily charts allow you to trade at your convenience.

Daily charts stop you from being tempted to over trade as you don’t end up losing too much time watching the market movements.

It allows you to slow down and focus on one trade at a time – thus enabling laser-focus on what you absolutely need.

Note that daily charts does not ensure that you are taking on more risk per trade.

This is a common mistake associated with these charts.

Read more about daily charts and how to trade with them on our detailed article by clicking here :-

Strategy 2: Learn More About Low Frequency Trading

In movies you’re shown how being a trader is so cool and easy.


No way!

It’s anything but easy to become rich. Nothing good comes easy in life!

Once you’ve mastered the art of High Frequency Trading – which would eventually shape up the kind of calm trader you go on to become, you will learn the benefits of holding yourself back from making major trade related decisions.

Once this strategy has been mastered, most seasoned traders move on to “Low Frequency Trading”.

These two terminologies are the two sides of a single coin.

Learn about low frequency trading at SMS

So, what are the advantages associated with this?

Just one,

Higher Risks = Possibly bigger returns

Strategy 3: Price Action Trading – The Best Way to Succeed

We have discussed this strategy time and again.

The price movement of a market changes over a period of time and these numbers are seen through price charts.

These “Price Charts” are usually affected by the actions of market participants and their belief systems.

These numbers are generated in the market over a given period of time and are seen on a market’s chart as a “Price Action”.

For those who haven’t read our detailed article on Price Action yet, here’s a quick definition –

Price action trading is the movement of price over a given amount of time

Remember the importance of Trade Level Signal here.


Succeeding in the market comes bearing a clear understanding how each of these market nuances work.

SMS helps you do just that!

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