As Indians, we turn to the west to enhance our knowledge on trade and finance. But, it is important to know that trading as an occupation in India can be traced back to as far as the early 17th century.

History chronicles the coming in of European powers to export and import spices as the first major instance of “trade” in the country. The organization which was responsible for not just the inception of major trade activities in India but also of trading in stocks and shares within India is the East India Company. The all powerful East India Company introduced India to the world of stock trading and Indians, who were already well acquainted with the knowledge of math and finance delved into this world with a great zeal.

Stock Market as we know it today in India can be divided into three major stock exchanges :-

Bombay Stock Exchange

Calcutta Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange

Let’s take a quick look at the origin of these 3 Stock Exchanges :-