It does not natter if you are just a beginner or an experienced investor, we provide tools and resources to help you make more money. After working for 17 years with many investors and traders, we have honed the most important aspects of trading.

Essentially there are three pillars that any trader has to build his trading repertoire on:

  1. Trading Psychology. We call it as Trader Consciousness.
  2. Knowledge of the worlds most successful growth strategies.
  3. Tools that are built on these fundamentals and the Money Making Rituals that become part of your daily trading life.

Below is how you can get started with SMS as we unfold the world’s most successful tools and resources. Our goal is simple, Maximize the profits in an uptrend and reduce the loss in a downmarket. If you do not read this book and implement what it has to say, you are losing money. As simple as that and as bold as it may sound. But that is the truth.Here you will find the secrets that are used by billonaire hedge fund manager to several world class traders.The exact method that is shared by one of the most brilliant minds in the history of trading are explained. You will be shocked to know this simple truth.Discover the three secrets that seperates highly successful traders from everyone else.

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The Winning Trades Course is designed for both new and experienced traders as well as part time traders and income traders. The Winning Trades Course provides a different perspective on trading for those looking for opportunities using different strategies over different time frames in the market. Winning trades are generally slower paced upto a few weeks and provide more flexibility on entries and exits, as well as helping to diversify a personal portfolio. The Winning Trades course covers a plethora of risk management techniques, strategies.This is a proven method and thoroughly back tested and the beauty is that you can trade both long and short using this method. And you can apply it to any market.

(Winning Trades Home Study Course)

This home study course is based on the 7 Steps Investment Strategy that has been used by hundreds of thousands of traders across the world. This is designed for more value oriented traders and investors and who want to go long term. By no means this is a buy and Hold strategy. There is no such thing as invest and forget it for years. If you want to be a passive investor, go with an Index fund. Nothing will beat it.

But if you are looking to put some time and become more actively involved, this course is for you.

This combines both fundamental and technical aspects of trading in a unique way to provide a winning combination.

American Association of Individual Investors has called this the number #1 Growth Strategy.

And there is a reason for it!

For the advanced traders our most advanced toolset based on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, we have honed a tool that will replicate the best chart patterns. A ground breaking tool that is used by thousands of Institutional Investors.

  • Stock Screens
  • Successful Technical Indicators
  • Easy to draw patterns showing several trading styles

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Winning Trades applies the rules of 7 Step Investing System in a Swing Trading environment to help you take advantage of the short term trade setups.This is the most unique and simple product ever designed and cuts down what you need to invest in and the trade setups.The most easy to use and user friendly tool based on a simple strategy that gets you great returns.

What you will get is a simple list, trade setups and full charts.

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