Hey guys how do you do? Today, we’re going to talk about a little touch of the subject. This is very powerful, super powerful and very important to get your greens and get the results that you want. So, the 2 day topic is about Gratitude. So, what is gratitude? Gratitude is nothing but:
  • feeling grateful for what we have
  • feeling thankful for what we have
It’s just a small feeling like that we have inside us. The good feeling when you feel thankful of feeling grateful for something that you have. Just the tiny feeling but the key to become consciously aware of that tiny feeling and the good feeling inside. That’s what gratitude is. And, I’ll briefly discuss why gratitude works and I’ll go a little metaphysical and spiritual on this. And this is not something that I would say as hard fact or anything but I believe this is the case.

Why Gratitude Works:

Basically, Universe is nothing but a mirror to reflect who we are both at an individual level and at an overall consciousness level. Universe is like a mirror, it’s reflecting what you have, what you feel, what you are doing. The primary function of the universe is to show that what is inside you. It’s basically reflecting that out but where it becomes more complex is not just you, perse’. We are all like as species, we’re all one. That the entire and as one, we are reflecting that into the universe and that is what is showing now, as a physical world, the real world. In Hindu Spirituality and Hindu Philosophy we say that’s Maya, that’s not actually the world. It’s a Maya. It’s like, it’s not reality. The other thing is that, the Universe does not discriminate between good and bad. Whatever you’re feeling, it just shows up. Good or bad, there’s no distinction and there’s no discrimination. Basically, Universe reflects what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking and what you’re doing – what you’re going to do. That’s what is being shown out and materializes in the physical world. We have a lot of off late topic, we talked about lots of New Aged Thinking, New Aged Reading that suggests these things and also any ancient literature is what worth suggesting. Recently, I think you might read about Seeker, like Mega-Blockbuster movie or a documentary. That’s exactly what it is, bottom line are the same, what you feel, what you think, what you’re doing is actually being reflected and shown in the material world.Let’s not get really deep into that, but let’s make an exemption that, that is good. I mean,it’s a positive belief and that will make our lives better. Let’s assume that, that’s true. But there’s a lag in what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking and what comes out in the material world. There’s a lag, that’s what makes it complicated and that’s a different story. Meaning, there are some people who can reduce that lag there as some spiritual masters who can just make it like stings easily. Whereas, we cannot because of where they are at the consciousness level, but that’s a different story. Let’s not go there for now, let’s take it as yes, believe that whatever we feel if it’s going to come out eventually.So, what happens when you feel grateful or thankful for something? You go in there and keep telling the self, the source within you that “this is good and I want more of it”. And viola, the universe brings you that thing that you are grateful for.

But what is the Problem:

But what is the problem? If it is so easy, that we are feeling grateful for something and why does everything is not happy or everything does not happen how we want, right? So, remember the lag? There is a lag and while there is and while someone is taking its own sweet time, we get caught up. We get caught up in life with:
  • Day to day routines
  • In our own successes and failures
  • We fill our minds and hearts with everything
  • Some positive, some negative
  • Our debts, our credit cards
You just get caught up in life, so we don’t feel grateful and there are a lot of times we actually feel or think like conflicting things which will misdirect the source to come up with what you want. That’s a problem, these conflicting ideas that we have and conflicting thoughts and beliefs is what’s going to screw it up, basically. So, what we’re going to do here is instead of be at the mercy of something and some random time we will just feel grateful for it rather than that, we won’t make it more consciously. Meaning, we want to be in control of when we feel grateful of more regularly. We don’t fill up our minds with junks so much.

What can we be grateful for:

What can we be grateful for? Now, we know that we have to feel grateful and we know that we haven’t done it more consciously and regularly. So, what can we be grateful for? We could be grateful for:
  • Things (We can be grateful for all the material things that we have; clothes, computer, laptop, phones, iPads, iPhones, whatever the material things we have to be grateful for them).
  • People in our lives (What are we being told about the people, the relationships. Could it be your friends, your relationships, your brothers, your sisters, your siblings, your parents, your kids, your neighbors and everybody. They make us complete and so we can be grateful for them.
  • Books (You could be grateful for the books, books can make us more knowledgeable and they’ll bring us wisdom, the insight to carry out our roles. So, we could be grateful for them.
  • The times we live in (Just imagine, whatever we are experiencing now, hundred years back would have been experienced by a king or princess or queen. But now, we have access to that same kind of resources, the same kind of pleasures and richness. Let’s be grateful because of the technological advantages, the technological benefits and the times that we live in. We should be grateful for that.
  • Coaches/Mentors/Teachers (Without them we would be hundred years back. We are basically standing on the “Shoulders of Chains”. The fact that you are catapulting yourself, your growth hacking. You just grow in forward with the help of this gorgeous mentors and teachers.
  • Home (You could be grateful for your home, the house that you live in.)
  • Relationships/Friend (We’ve talked about relationships, your friends)
  • Money we already have (I understand that we all want more and more money, we are never happy. From the day I started working at the University from now, I still feel a bit of difference but even today, I want more money. We’re never happy about we already have. But you have to make it a point to whatever little we have, we have to make it a point to be contented, to be grateful for that. I’m not saying you should not have any desire to be more. You can have desires to build a house or to have billion dollars which is fine. But for whatever you have, for whatever little money that you have, be grateful for that.
  • Our Ideas (What we want to become, that’s the seed. The idea is a seed of what you want in the future, be grateful for that.
  • Our Desires/Goals/Vision (You can be grateful for that.)
  • Our habits: Good and bad.
  • Material things like clothes, shoes.
You can be grateful for anything and everything like whatever you want, you could feel grateful for that.

Does it Really Work:

Does it really work? The next question is, being grateful does it really show up in your material world? Like I said, I’m an avid reader. I read sheet roll of books, from hardcore Marketing books to Spirituality to Religion, everything. Until now, I have never come across somebody that tells me that gratitude does not work. From Spiritual Buddhist Monks or Spiritual Indian Talk Leaders to hardcore Marketing Nuts and Bolts, Gurus like Dan Kennedy, J. Abraham or Business Leaders. Everybody will talk about this particular thing, that’s one common thing that they will all agree. The most powerful emotion, its gratitude. How this is important? How will it actually materialize things in your life? This is true and that’s what everybody says and from my own perspective, I actually tell my kids this is “the most powerful emotion in the world”. So, I make it a point that when I have the chance I tell them, “be grateful for that, be happy about it”. And my own personal level, whenever I feel grateful of gratitude like getting to that mode, I feel that the things are smoother. Things begin to happen in favor of me that definitely is the case. And when things go south I’m not paying attention and then my ideas goes down the hill, but when I get to this mode of feeling grateful and feeling thankful, I definitely see a lot of improvements. What I’m asking you is for you to try it out, it’s not necessary that you take my word for it. Life is nothing but an experiment, for 1 month all I’m saying is try it out and see how it changes anything. So, that’s the beauty of it, right? Tomorrow, I will discuss about making it as a Ritual, because even though we want to feel gratitude or grateful, we want to do some things, good things but we won’t do it. Like I said, we just get carried away. So, how do we make it happen every day? Let’s make it a ritual, I’ll talk about the rituals and this would be one of the fundamental rituals that I follow and we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Alright, guys thanks for listening. Have a great day, bye!