PErsonal FInance1

Due to the recent Global Economic Summit, India’s rankings were affected due to the recent demonitization movement.

However, economists predict this could be a temporary fall in numbers as India is predicted to incur more profits in the next couple of years.

The recently affected numbers have reminded us Indians the need to learn more about Personal Finance.

How can you save more?

How do you manage your finances better?

These are questions that have become pivotal in the current economy.

SMS brings you an exclusive video which outlines the fundamentals of Personal Finance.

Before viewing this video, make sure you read through this short yet informative article on 10 Commandments of Personal Finance –

Not only does this article introduce you to the idea of Personal Finance but also give you the most important thumb rules associated with the terminology.

Once you have familiarised yourself with what Personal Finance is, move on to the link below for the audiobook.

This audio book provides you an initial introduction to your personal financial management.

It elaborates on how managing personal finance inevitably becomes a part of our daily life and yet we choose to ignore it unless required.

The narration of the audiobook is easy to understand and this makes it comfortable for us to grasp the fundamentals explored through the course of the video.

 So, Click Here to View the Complete Audiobook :