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Understanding wealth comes with the added leverage of understanding success.

How can you succeed?

How do you view your success?

What is prosperity to you?

SMS brings you an exclusive audiobook of a text which has enchanted the minds of investors all over the world, Fundamentals of Prosperity.

The book has been authored by Roger W. Babson, the founder of Babson College in Massachusetts and Webber College in the United States of America.

Published in the year 1920, the Preface of the book Fundamentals of Prosperity gives us a quick peek into what we can expect from the book :-

“The fact is, we have become crazy over material things.

We are looking only at the structure above ground.

We are trying to get more smoke from the chimney.

We are looking at space instead of service, at profits instead of volume.

With our eyes focused on the structure above ground, we have lost sight of those human resources, thrift, imagination, integrity, vision and faith which make the structure possible.

I feel that only by the business men can this foundation be strengthened before the inevitable fall comes.”

The book revisits the American ideals of thrift, honesty, vision and imagination which seems to have gotten lost over the years.

The book explores how today’s world is quite similar to the world of the early 20th century.

Babson describes about 12 major fundamentals that envision success through the reader’s eyes.

Although rebuked as one of the “dated” books on finance, Babson’s fundamentals hold true to the market enthusiasts from this century as well.

The book makes you focus on details you had been long ignoring and strengthens your mind as you prepare to enter the world of investment.

SMS has brought you the exclusive audio link to the entire book.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did !

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