Top 3 Factors to Look Out For While Getting An Insurance Policy

Looking out for the best insurance policies in the market is a mammoth task. Not only does every bank and financial/investment organisation offer their own set of insurance policies, most of their features overlap. This makes it far more difficult for customers to figure out which ones can best meet their expectations. Understand that your [...]

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10 Things to Know About Budget 2017-18

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10 Things to Know About Budget 2017-18

Last week, the Finance Minister of India tabled the first budget after Demonetisation. The budget was aimed at the tax-payers and the non-tax payers of the country this time and tries to address how demonetisation could prove to be a boon for the future of India's economy. Let's take a quick look at what's more [...]

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Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Review by NDTV Profit – A Video

Due to the recent demonetisation debacle in India, common people as well as Indian economists are worried about the long-term impact of this phenomenon. For those of you, most probably outside India, who haven't read about the current demonetisation, please read more in our detailed article here:- A little over a month has passed [...]

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A Fun Video on Currency Devaluation

The last week saw India witnessing a major change in currency. Though a devaluation has not taken place, many fear the outcome of such a revolutionary economic change as India has declared the use of old 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes as illegal. A step taken to eradicate the effects of black-market in the [...]

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India and The Trump Effect

Most of us had a sleepless night after PM Modi's declaration on national television regarding the decision to scrap current use of 500 and 1000 rupee notes and this anxiety was followed by the wait for the US election results this year. The long-drawn public showdowns between this year's Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton & Donald [...]

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10 Things to Know About Indian’s Government’s Decision to Scrap 500 & 1000 currency Notes

On 8th of November 2016 as the world anxiously awaited the US election results, India witnessed a sudden jolt as the Prime Minister addressed the Nation regarding the decision to scrap the existent 500 and 1000 rupee notes. In a public address given post 8pm last night, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, addressed [...]

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India in Rio – Olympics 2016

The Summer Olympics or Games of the XXXI Olympiad have begun just a few days back in Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil. More than 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees or NOCs have come together to take part in this year's Olympic games. India made its debut in the Summer Olympic games of the year [...]

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Yellow Metal Catching Our Fancy – Gold Sale Making a Comeback Post-Brexit

The symbol of an old phoenix perishing into ashes, only to rise from it again – gold well suites the imagery given its brilliant comeback in the global market after the economy largely suffered post Brexit. Investors across the world deem this to be an indication of a revival and a possible expectancy of major [...]

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Iran Oil Dues – The New Payment Route Designed by India

Last week saw Prime Minister of India engaging in talks with the Iranian authorities regarding the betterment of foreign cum trade relations within the two Nations. The talks led to the lifting of sanctions on Iran to trade in euros which has made way for India to access Turkish as well as European banks to [...]

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