How to Think like a Trader – PART I

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Vortex Indicator – Trading Term of the Week

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Make In India – Reimagining India: Sweden Special – A Video by CNBC TV18

Make In India was an initiative undertaken by Prime Minister Modi in the year 2014. The BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa who have been termed as the 'Fragile Five' have decided to come together to launch an effort to materialize manpower within their own space - rather than falling back upon import goods. It has been repeatedly told how the Make in India movement is nothing but a collaborative effort. This new video by CNBC looks at the addition of Sweden into the Make In India movement this year. Click to Watch the Complete Video and know more about the progress India is making globally through Make in India -

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Top-Down Analysis – Trading Term of the Week

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Alfred Marshall – Message of Masters

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How to Think like a Trader – PART I

The simplest way to define trading is to say that it is a game of pattern recognition. What kind of pattern recognition? And where do these patterns occur? The answer to this is – the stock market. This two part article can help you identify traits that can help you grow as a successful trader. As a trader, you need to analyse the trends, define how much is at risk for you and then make a decision on whether you must go ahead with the trade or not. However, as is with any other business of the game that requires you to make choices and take decisions, the more you dwell into thinking about it, the higher are the chances of your failure. It is this fact that makes trading one of the toughest businesses to find success at. Your market analysis may give you trends and patterns, but no matter how [...]

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