How to Think Like a Trader – Part II

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Average True Range [ATR] – Trading Term of the Week

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Stock markets – Bubbles, Bulls & Bears : A Video by Indian School of Business and Finance

The stock market is a place of mystery – especially for those of us who are new to its ways. It has been a constant endeavour on the part of SMS to help you conquer the ways of the stock market. We came across a video uploaded by Indian School of Business and Finance as part of their courses, explaining the bubbles surrounding the market – along with the tales of bears and bulls. A bear market is usually triggered when a lot of investors lose faith in the stock market which in turn decreases the demand for stocks. This is seen to happen when the economy enters a recession or when unemployment rates are high causing inflation to rise. Whereas, a bull market does just the opposite. A bull market is a welcome change. We all look forward to a bull market – a market that charges ahead positively [...]

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Chaikin Money Flow [CMF] – Trading Term of the Week

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Suze Orman – Message of Masters

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How to Think Like a Trader – PART II

Last week, we looked at factors that can affect your success quotient as a trader. This week, we would be progressing from where we left off and look at two pivotal points which can make or break your journey as a trader. The idea is to implement these into your trading system and learn as you move ahead in the market. Yearn for Self Discipline  To remain focused on your objectives, you need to redirect your thoughts and attention to your objectives. So, when you attempt to inculcate self-discipline in your own self, you are basically attempting to create a new mental framework for yourself. What you shall understand from this statement is the fact that self-discipline is not a trait that a chosen few are born with. It is a skill that anyone and everyone need to learn. Moreover, adopting this technique can be exceptionally helpful in transforming your own [...]

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