Top 5 Ways to Score a Cheap Air Ticket


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Monthly Timeframes – Trading Term of the Week

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Basics of Fundamental Analysis in the Stock Market – A Video by NDTV and NSE

Fundamental Analysis studies all the variables that are capable of affecting the balance of supply and demand for any financial instrument. It is an extensive ‘health-check up’ of a particular company. The most significant shortcoming of this method of analysis is that other traders are not accounted for in this method as variables affecting the price of the financial instrument. Also, it’s important to note the fact that prices move because of the market sentiments. To understand how different market analysis work, SMS has put together a free beginner’s course for those of you who are looking to learn the basics of trading in the Stock Market. This course is extensive and free of cost! In a video put together by NDTV Profit and National Stock Exchange [NSE], they explore what we should buy and what we should sell. The video takes you through the ways to value a stock [...]

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%B Indicator – Trading Term of the Week

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Charlie Munger – Message of Masters

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Top 5 Ways to Score a Cheap Air Ticket

In a couple of weeks' time, the Indian holiday season is going to be upon us. While most of us have already looked at tickets to get out and explore places around the country or outside the country, some of us are still unsure about this. The main reason for this doubt being the constant rise in air fares. The constant rise and fall in air fares have coaxed most of us to turn to trains – finding no respite there either. Air-conditioned coaches in Indian railways have gone up to match the fares in airlines these days. Therefore, coaxing most people to turn to travel by air. In 1978, airlines went through a phase of deregulation after which the prices for air tickets remained mostly consistent. Today, years later air tickets can be priced between several ranges and go through a constant change in a single day. Why is [...]

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