How to Understand The Market

More often than not, how you perceive a trade depends on the outcome of your last two to three trades. Therefore, it is on the basis of the success and failure of these trades that you determine the risk involved in the present trade. However, master traders do not let their previous trades determine the outcome of their present trade and this is what sets them apart. Much of what we think and believe is a result of our social values and the manner in which our minds work. Successful trading is all about being in the ‘now moment’ and seeing the opportunity flow as it is in the moment. The secret lies in understanding the major facts that govern the stock market as a powerful entity. Through the course of this article, we would be looking at various factors pertaining to the Stock Market. As understanding the stock market [...]

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Long Term Investing and You – Top 3 Tips to Succeed


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COP – Trading Term of the Week

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Investment Philosophy in 3 Minutes – A Video by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is often considered the father of modern-day finance. He is an investment mogul who is known for having carved a niche for himself in this bad-bad finance world. Warren Buffett's investment strategies differentiates him from others in the business. His strategies are simple and easy to follow. If the right strategies are followed, even an hour long video cannot come of use! However, with the right approach and technique, advice lasting a couple of minutes can work wonders for you! In this video, SMS brings you Warren Buffett's investment philosophy being explained in about 3 minutes. Click Here To View The Complete Video -

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Blind Bids – Trading Term of the Week

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Benjamin Franklin – Message of Masters

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