How to Work With Probabilities in the Market

If you have been trading in the market and done some research on trading success principles, you must have heard this time and again that trading is all about thinking in terms of probabilities. Probabilities and thinking on these lines are the focus of this chapter. The fundamental question that we intend to answer here is: What does it mean to think like this and how can such thinking determine trading success? How Can Random Outcomes Get You Consistent Results Most traders get into the trading game with the belief that the market has an outcome that is predictable. However, even though they believe that the results from the market trades are not probabilistic, they never seem to achieve consistent success. This negates the theory completely. When consistent outcomes do not produce consistent results, you cannot really blame a probabilistic outcome for inconsistency of the results. Well, thinking in terms [...]

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How to Understand the Market

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Autoregressive – Trading Term of the Week

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Commodities Market Outlook by Peter McGuire – A Video by NDTV Finance

ecently, NDTV Finance released the video which threw light on the OPEC meet. Peter McGuire, the CEO of has told NDTV Finance that the OPEC meet in Vienna, Europe will be important for discussions on crude oil prices until and unless a major change occurs in production. He speaks about the rise and fall of the price of the Dollar. He speaks of hurricanes that have affected the US economy. Speaking with emphasis on the global oil prices, interest rates in the US have changed according to McGuire. He also speaks of how there's going to be further pressure on the US dollar. There's going to be more production coming in from the US when it comes to crude oil, states McGuire. Several questions answered include, does the political side of US affect the price of crude oil? Would there be more production of crude oil from US's end? [...]

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Dragonfly Doji – Trading Term of the Week

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Epictetus – Message of Masters

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