Top 3 Candlestick Patterns You Must Know

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NASDAQ – Trading Term of the Week

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How To Invest in The Indian Stock Market – A Video by Trader’s Channel

Every Monday we bring you an interactive video which elucidates on the theories of succeeding in the stock market that we constantly emphasize upon. At SMS, we believe in bringing you every bit of useful information which can add on to your knowledge of the stock market. Previously, we had devoted a few weeks to showing you how you can begin investing in the Indian Stock Market. We began with A Complete Overview of the Indian Stock Market and moved on to more technical as well as critical terminologies associated with the ways of the market. In India, if you’re a regular reader of Economic Times or a regular news viewer, then you would have heard the terms NSE and BSE several times in the headlines and the main news. What makes them so important? Here is your answer – stock trading in India majorly takes place in its two [...]

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On-Balance Volume indicator – Trading Term of the Week

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Walt Whitman – Message of Masters

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Top 3 Candlestick Patterns You Must Know

Unlike the traditional bar charts, candlestick charts are more visually appealing and thus, many traders find it easier to interpret. Each candlestick provides a simple picture of price action. An analyst can quickly compare between the opening and closing prices as well as the high and low price. There are a few things we must be aware of before getting how each of the three candlestick patterns that can be a definite success for your trading strategy. How do candlesticks actually work? Candlesticks with hollow bodies indicate buying pressure and candlesticks with filled bodies indicate selling pressure. In case of candlesticks, long upper or lower shadows form when the market moves ahead in a particular direction during the day and then reverses before the end of the day. Candlestick charts come with the option of coloring prices to improve ones understanding of the chart. The Candlestick's outline and [...]

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