Everything You Need To Know About New GST Rates

India is still coping with the changes introduced to the existent tax rules, just when GST rates got introduced to the country. GST is nothing but a Value Added Tax which is levied on sale, manufacture and consumption of goods and services at the national level in the country. The tiny portion underneath each bill we pay these days which states “VAT added” is the real deal here. The GST council has announced tax slabs and add-on cess(s) on 1,211 items within the country. In case of all services within the country, 4 broad tax brackets have been created and all major products have been grouped under these 4 tax brackets. For those of our readers who did not yet read our article http://stockmarketsignals.com/need-know-revised-gst-rates-india/ can through it once before checking out this new video on new GST rates and the changes it brings to Indian citizens. Click Here To View [...]

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William Feather – Message of Masters

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Top 5 Tips for An All Year-Round Tax Planning

Several changes have been introduced to the Tax system in India. Due to this, citizens of the country are at a loss about how to find out different measures that can cut down on the losses brought forth by heightened by additional tax deductions. Being aware of how your investments can create an impact on your taxes and savings can help you save a lot more money than you can imagine. For those who aren't aware of tax deductions yet – these are deductions made to your annual income once the amount falls under the given tax bracket. Income tax deductions can bring down your tax liability. Often considered a benefit, these can help you save some money. Tax Exemption & Deduction – What's the Difference? To make it easier on the citizens, the Government of India often introduces provisions that can help you avail such benefits. For example, Investments [...]

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Why Should You Choose To Invest In Stocks

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