Eid Wishes

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Dark Money – Trading Term of the Week

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Milton Friedman – Message of Masters

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Stock Exchanges in India – How Much Do We Know?

Starting from our earliest articles, SMS has concentrated on bringing you information on the basics of the stock market. Though we talk about all major markets of the world, India remains our primary focus. Within India, people have an outlook of uncertainty and mystery associated with the stock market or share market as it is known as here. We have major stock exchanges within the country that are globally renowned and are touted as the major stock exchanges in the world. To begin with our discussion, let’s start with what stock exchanges are. A stock exchange is a place where the trading of stocks takes place. Earlier, stock exchanges used to be physical locations and all exchanges like the Bombay Stock Exchange has a physical office in place even today. Major Indian Stock Indexes When a survey of the stock exchange is done and presented to the prospective investor, the [...]

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Top 5 Tips for an All Year-Round Tax Planning

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Vega – Trading Term of the Week

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