How to Work With Probabilities in the Market

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Weak shorts – Trading Term of the Week

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day

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RBI Dividend Sharp Cut – A Video by CNBC

On the eve of the 70th Independence day, India shows signs of modern development amidst strains of socio-economic constraints. A recent garment ad featuring Virat Kohli made me reflect on how much India as a country has gone through in it's 70 years of independent existence. Constraints in the form of wars, emergencies and electoral politics couldn't deter the country's spirit. In our constant strive to remain one amongst the important countries in the world, India is yet to learn to plan it's finances efficiently. On a video released recently by CNBC India, we get to know that RBI [The Reserve Bank of India] approved the transfer of surplus money to the Indian government. This surplus transferred by the RBI to the Indian government amounts to over Rs. 30,600 crore for this financial year – which would mean a sharp Rs. 40,000 cut from the budget. Click Here to Watch [...]

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AUTEX – Trading Term of the Week

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H. Jackson Brown Jr – Message of Masters

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