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RBI Dividend Sharp Cut – A Video by CNBC

On the eve of the 70th Independence day, India shows signs of modern development amidst strains of socio-economic constraints. A recent garment ad featuring Virat Kohli made me reflect on how much India as a country has gone through in it's 70 years of independent existence. Constraints in the form of wars, emergencies and electoral [...]

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How to Work With Probabilities in the Market

If you have been trading in the market and done some research on trading success principles, you must have heard this time and again that trading is all about thinking in terms of probabilities. Probabilities and thinking on these lines are the focus of this chapter. The fundamental question that we intend to answer here [...]

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Commodities Market Outlook by Peter McGuire – A Video by NDTV Finance

ecently, NDTV Finance released the video which threw light on the OPEC meet. Peter McGuire, the CEO of XM.com/au has told NDTV Finance that the OPEC meet in Vienna, Europe will be important for discussions on crude oil prices until and unless a major change occurs in production. He speaks about the rise and fall [...]

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Investment Philosophy in 3 Minutes – A Video by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is often considered the father of modern-day finance. He is an investment mogul who is known for having carved a niche for himself in this bad-bad finance world. Warren Buffett's investment strategies differentiates him from others in the business. His strategies are simple and easy to follow. If the right strategies are followed, [...]

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Long Term Investing and You – Top 3 Tips to Succeed

“I'm involved in the stock market, which is fun and, sometimes, very painful.” - Regis Philbin Stock market is a dichotomy by itself. For some, it is a place that offers a great deal of wealth and success – while for some, it offers a shattering view of failure in reality. Why such difference? We [...]

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Investment Mantra for Picking Stocks in The Market – A Video by NDTV Profit

We are all constantly on the lookout to find a secret mantra that can help us pick out profitable stocks in the market. But, does it really work this way? Not really. Finding an investment mantra that works out for you is an exercise by itself. Months of practice and precision can make you round [...]

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Top 10 Things You Can Invest in The Market

Looking to invest in the stock market soon? But where would you begin? How do you choose what to invest in ? Wait. There ARE different things you can invest in? Really? Yes. SMS realizes how overwhelming it must be for someone who is just starting off with their first step towards investing in the [...]

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Act Like The Leader You Want To Be – A Video by Stanford Graduate School of Business

One of the world's top most school of business recently put up a video regarding Leadership Skills. As a global entity, we have been witness to various forms of world leaders who have come to power in the last few years. Some of them have surprised the global citizens with their leadership abilities while others [...]

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Understanding Pull Back Trading Strategy

There are different types of trading strategies available in the market. The core idea lies behind knowing when to enter the market and how to trade stocks in the market. Entering the market at the right time can seem challenging at the intial stage. This could be the case because of several reasons. You may [...]

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Economic Growth in Three Years by Arun Jaitley-  A Video

Given the constant changes in the Indian economy over the past one year, global economists all over the world are worried about where the country's economy is headed. What began with demonetisation has worked its way upto the introduction of GST or Goods and Service Tax in India, in a span of less than a [...]

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