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Muhurat Trading – A Video by Kotak Securities

Diwali 2017 is right around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate the brightest night of the year with our family and friends! Along with Diwali comes a special day in the lives of stock traders in India. A day which is dedicated to Diwali sales in trading. Mahurat Trading Mahurat Trading is the [...]

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How To Invest in The Indian Stock Market – A Video by Trader’s Channel

Every Monday we bring you an interactive video which elucidates on the theories of succeeding in the stock market that we constantly emphasize upon. At SMS, we believe in bringing you every bit of useful information which can add on to your knowledge of the stock market. Previously, we had devoted a few weeks to [...]

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Basics of Fundamental Analysis in the Stock Market – A Video by NDTV and NSE

Fundamental Analysis studies all the variables that are capable of affecting the balance of supply and demand for any financial instrument. It is an extensive ‘health-check up’ of a particular company. The most significant shortcoming of this method of analysis is that other traders are not accounted for in this method as variables affecting the [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Score a Cheap Air Ticket

In a couple of weeks' time, the Indian holiday season is going to be upon us. While most of us have already looked at tickets to get out and explore places around the country or outside the country, some of us are still unsure about this. The main reason for this doubt being the constant [...]

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Stock markets – Bubbles, Bulls & Bears : A Video by Indian School of Business and Finance

The stock market is a place of mystery – especially for those of us who are new to its ways. It has been a constant endeavour on the part of SMS to help you conquer the ways of the stock market. We came across a video uploaded by Indian School of Business and Finance as [...]

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How to Think Like a Trader – PART II

Last week, we looked at factors that can affect your success quotient as a trader. This week, we would be progressing from where we left off and look at two pivotal points which can make or break your journey as a trader. The idea is to implement these into your trading system and learn as [...]

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Make In India – Reimagining India: Sweden Special – A Video by CNBC TV18

Make In India was an initiative undertaken by Prime Minister Modi in the year 2014. The BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa who have been termed as the 'Fragile Five' have decided to come together to launch an effort to materialize manpower within their own space - rather than falling back upon import [...]

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How to Think like a Trader – PART I

The simplest way to define trading is to say that it is a game of pattern recognition. What kind of pattern recognition? And where do these patterns occur? The answer to this is – the stock market. This two part article can help you identify traits that can help you grow as a successful trader. [...]

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Rs. 200 Currency Notes to be introduced – A Video by India Today

Post demonetization in November 2016, the Indian government along with the Reserve Bank of India stopped the circulation and use of Rs. 1000 and old 500 rupee notes. Following this, there was an introduction of Rs. 2000 and new set of Rs. 500 currency notes. Due to these notes being of a larger sum, the [...]

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Working With Beliefs And Truths In Trading

Define Your Problem Even if you ask a layman about what a market is, he or she is sure to tell you about the graph that goes up and down showing market trends. Forming a more technical definition from this vague description, the market is a series of uptrends and downtrends that together forms patterns. [...]

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