About Us


SMS is a result of endless team work and we proudly take up this opportunity to introduce the faces behind all the hardwork our readers partake & appreciate. Let us share our story, our mission, values and core principles that drive us into providing the best customer service and to bring you the most easy to use tools to help you make more money in stock trading.

Our Story

Our story started on a sunny afternoon in July in Atlanta when three friends Murali Sajja, a technology consultant, Seth Goodwin, a programming genius and Dan Griffin, an investing and trading expert shared their frustrations of complex trading tools and decided to develop a simple to use product for traders. Murali is a Zen crazy and wants to cut down everything to as simple as it can be and Dan has 35 years of experience in trading and has a wealth of information and tools he wanted to bring in. Seth is a shy programming wizard who bridged these two worlds. After 2 years and millions of lines of code SMS (Stock Market Signals) is born. From then till now our core philosophy is the same. Make it as simple as possible. We bring in the same knowledge, same wisdom and strategies and same tools that institutional investors use but without having to wear those expensive suits.

Our vision is to expand our services to India and provide the same world class trading systems to Indian traders and investors. We understand that stock trading has a lot of moving parts. Our tools and software systems guided by trading strategies India and plans will help you focus on your trading and not get bogged down by the complex toolset.

What we have is a comprehensive suite of trading tools, a community that will share with each other and a vast pool of resources from ebooks, webinars, white papers, video presentations etc. We are the best platform to learn trading strategies in India.

Our Vision, Mission and Objective

What We Strive To Achieve

Core Values

Honesty | Service | Value
Beauty | Knowledge

Mission Statement

To provide the same world class technology and tool-set used by institutional investors and quants for individual traders and investors in order to help them make higher profits.

Core Focuses

Easy to Use Tools
Simplicity – Product and stratergy
Mentoring and Traning

Commander’s Intent

Our single most important reason we exist is to help our customer make more profit in trading. Be it our product, Customer service, Education or mentoring – all roads lead to this one guiding principle.

Brand Commitment

We will provide the world’s best financial engineering software with an intuitive and beautiful user interface along with fantastic customer support and training, education and mentoring to help our customer make more profit.

Our Purpose

  • Empower our customers to navigate the turbulent stock market seas in order to make higher profits.
  • Provide our customers with the knowledge, insight and advice that successful traders worldwide had used for decades.
  • Recommend our customers the winning strategies; resources such as eBooks and professional tools such as successful technical indicators.
  • Mentor our customers to build the three pillars for profits :- Knowledge, Tools, and Winning Mindset.
  • Provide our customers with fanatical customer support of the product.

Why Become Our Customer

  • Stock Market Signals will bring you the knowledge necessary to make winning trades on average.
  • Stock Market Signals will help you develop a simple strategy that you can follow and execute on a consistent basis.
  • Stock Market Signals will help you develop a winning mindset that is necessary to ride the profits and cut short the losses.
  • Stock Market Signals will bring you the world’s most sophisticated Financial Engineering product in the most cost effective way possible.
  • SSMS will provide an intuitive, easy to use and beautiful user interface to make you a happy trader and educate our customers.
  • Our team will stand behind you with our fanatical support for the product.

Our Team

What you see when you come to our website is a result of endless teamwork. Uncountable number of skype call hours and immeasurable quantities of emails (with a hint of faith and comedy) have brought together the Stock Market Signals as you see it. We take this opportunity to provide faces to those who have taken SMS from being an abstract idea to a well-structured website. We’re a team with “a work in progress” board stuck to our desks all through the year – because at SMS, everyday’s an adventure! Here’s to our team – hope you enjoy knowing them

Our Team Speaks